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  • Lina Troiano

Returning to Work in a COVID world: Employers should be mindful of Occupational and Mental Health

With restrictions being lifted, you are naturally planning the return of your employees to the workspace to resume pre-COVID 19 operations.

For most of you, the physical space will be top of mind, contemplating ongoing physical distancing measures with configuring the workspace or determining how many employees to return at one time.

We encourage you as an Employer to also be mindful of the increased anxiety and mental health challenges that some will be facing. Mental health is a protected ground under the Ontario Human Rights Code. The fear of contagion, the isolation employees experienced and for some the loss of loved ones may have had an impact to some. As such, return to work plans should consider accommodations where necessary.

To promote a healthy workplace that also meets your minimum requirements under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, develop a plan that contemplates employment, health and human rights matters, and communicate truthfully and authentically with your team.

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