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OpX partners with start-up, small, and medium-sized business leadership teams, to provide Human Resources expertise and practices designed to help you build a high-performing and engaged workforce, achieve your business strategy, take a proactive approach to workplace matters, and mitigate potential liabilities.

As an integral part of your team, we give you the capacity to focus on your core business, providing you the peace of mind that you’re doing the right things for your business and your greatest asset – your employees.  Our collaborative approach allows us to bring our experience, tools, and knowledge to achieve the best solution to meet your needs while maximizing your budget.

As a member of the Human Resources Professional Association and designated as a Certified Human Resources Leader with decades of experience, OpX believes this marriage of theory and practice is critical to our approach but also delivers efficiency with a human touch.

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OpX offers a full suite of HR services to a variety of industries in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

How your employees engage in the business, their performance, their contributions,and their connectedness all have a direct impact on achieving your business objectives.  Adopting HR fundamentals into your business ensures legislative compliance, scalability, value and efficiencies.


This assessment equips you with the necessary information to make informed decisions about your HR strategy and budgeting requirements.

What we review:

  • Legislative compliance

  • Recruitment and onboarding process

  • Policies

  • Employment agreement

  • Employment status (exempt/non-exempt, employee vs. contractor, etc.)

  • Job descriptions

  • Organizational charts and reporting structure 

  • Health & Safety Management System

  • Performance Management program

  • Training and Development

  • Total Rewards – Benefit and Compensation strategy and structure

  • Termination process and documentation


The development and implementation of fundamental policies and procedures set the standards that guide day-to-day business operations, establish employee expectations, ensures compliance with applicable legislation,and are in keeping with best practices tailored to your industry. 

  • Policy Development and Employee Handbook

  • Employment Agreements

  • Health & Safety 

  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA)

  • Payroll and Benefit Administration 


Certified in workplace investigations, we are frequently retained to conduct confidential third-party workplace investigations across Canada. We provide an impartial, objective, professional process and will support your team with managing the process from start to finish.  We have successfully assisted our clients with investigations into a variety of issues such as:

  • Workplace Harassment and Bullying

  • Employee Misconduct

  • Workplace Sexual Harassment 

  • Policy Non-compliance 

  • Workplace Violence

  • Poisoned Work Environment

  • Discrimination based on a protected ground

  • Reprisals

  • Breach of Code of Conduct including professional misconduct

Our approach often includes applying the expertise of two investigators. This ensures the information is reviewed and considered with more than one perspective while also ensuring the process is thorough. At the completion of our investigation, we provide our clients with a detailed written report which includes our findings of fact and an analysis of the evidence to determine, on the balance of probabilities, if allegations are substantiated and whether a breach of Company Policy or legislation has occurred. Recommendations are also provided, if requested.


Maintain a competitive edge by designing a framework to identify, acquire, develop and retain top talent.  An important component of your business strategy will be maximizing the talent of your workforce, increasing client satisfaction and business performance. 

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Human Capital Forecasting 

  • Job Descriptions 

  • Onboarding 

  • Performance Management 

  • Succession Planning

  • Reward & Recognition 


A total rewards strategy that combines compensation and benefits with personal growth opportunitiesleads to increased ROI on your total rewards spend, individual achievement and organizational success.  

  • Compensation design

  • Retention Strategies

  • Pay Equity  

  • Define your desired market positioning

  • Link compensation and performance

  • Group Benefits implementation and cost optimization


OpX supports a work environment where there is respect, trust and confidence between Leaders and Employees, where Employees at all levels feel valued for their contributions. Navigating effectively through employee relations issues strengthens the employment relationship resulting in greater motivation and morale, increased productivity, less conflict, and less attrition, enabling the organization to excel.

  • Advice and Counsel

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Change Management

  • Employee Survey

  • Legal matters

  • Policy and employment law interpretation 


OpX will help you design and optimize an organizational structure that is unique to your business.  The integration of people with core business processes, technology and systems ensures alignment with your business goals, creates efficiencies, improves profitability and encourages an engaged and productive workforce.  

  • Strategy and Design 

  • Organizational Charts

  • Job Analysis 

  • Restructuring 

  • Mergers / Acquisition and Due Diligence



OpX provides professional safety management services to companies that strive for excellence in business and safety performance. We develop a safety management system tailored to your business that includes development, implementation and administration as well as services such as incident investigations, Ministry of Labour orders assistance, and workplace inspections.

  • Legislation Compliance 

  • Policy Development 

  • Rights and Responsibilities 

  • Safe Workplace Procedures

  • Hazard and Risk Analysis and Training 

  • Workplace Inspection Program

  • Incident Reporting and Investigation 

  • Workplace Harassment and Violence Training

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Know your rights and obligations under the Employment Standards Act. This guide details minimum wagehours of worktermination of employmentpublic holidayspregnancy and parental leaveseverance payvacation and more.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act sets out the rights and duties of all parties in the workplace, as well as the procedures for dealing with workplace hazards and for enforcement as needed.

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As our company grew, so did our need for a more formalized Human Resources presence.  OpX provides valuable expertise in all day-to-day aspects of human resources, supporting us with compliance, policies, and programs, and is always available with sound professional advice.  Working together for a few years now, OpX has become an integral member of our team and we look forward to our continued relationship.  I would highly recommend OpX as a great resource for any company that does not have a full internal HR team or just needs some additional expertise

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